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DURAFLOW provides product data sheets (PDS) and GHS compliant safety data sheets (SDS) for our entire line of lubricating engine oils, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids and washer fluids.

Please contact us if you need additional information or have specific questions about the technical characteristics of any DURAFLOW product.

Antiwear Hydraulic Oils

Duraflow Antiwear Hydraulic Oils 2500hrPDS
Duraflow Antiwear Hydraulic Oils 4000hrPDSSDS
Duraflow Premium All Weather Antiwear Hydraulic OilsPDS

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Duraflow Automatic Transmission Fluid MD IIIPDSSDS
Duraflow Dexron VI® ATFPDSSDS
Duraflow Multi-Vehicle ATFPDSSDS
Duraflow SAE 50 Synthetic Manual Transmission FluidPDSSDS
Duraflow Synthetic Super V Multi-Vehicle ATFPDSSDS

Bar and Chain

Duraflow Bar and Chain OilsPDSSDS

Diesel Engines

Duraflow CI-4 Plus SL 15W-40PDS
Duraflow CJ-4 15W-40 8.3 PDSSDS
Duraflow CJ-4 15W-40 10 TBN PDS
Duraflow CF, CF-2 SL Diesel Motor OilsPDS
Duraflow Synthetic Blend CJ-4 15W-40SDS

Drive Line Oils

Duraflow TransDrive TO-4 FluidsPDSSDS
Duraflow Universal Tractor Hydraulic FluidPDSSDS
Duraflow Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Low Viscosity J20D PDS

Gear Oils

Duraflow GL-2 Extreme Pressure Gear OilsPDS
Duraflow Synthetic GL-2 Extreme Pressure Gear Oils PDS
Duraflow GL-5 LS Gear OilsPDSSDS
Duraflow GL-1 Gear OilsPDS
Duraflow GL-4 Gear OilsPDS
Duraflow GL-5 Gear OilsPDSSDS
Duraflow Synthetic GL-5 LS 75W-90SDS
Duraflow Synthetic GL-5 LS 75W-140 SDS
Duraflow Synthetic GL-5 LS 80W-90SDS
Duraflow Synthetic GL-5 LS 80W-140SDS


Duraflow 5th Wheel GreasePDS
Duraflow EP-2 Lithium Complex Grease PDS

Motor Oils

Duraflow Full Synthetic SN Motor OilsPDS
Duraflow High Mileage Motor Oils PDS
Duraflow Non-Detergent SAE 30 Motor Oil PDS
Duraflow SL-CD Motor OilsPDS
Duraflow Synthetic Blend Passenger Car Motor OilsPDSSDS

R&O Oils

Duraflow R&O OilsPDS

Way Lubes

DuraFlow Waylube OilsPDS

Windshield Washer Fluid

Duraflow Windshield Washer Fluid ConcentrateSDS
Duraflow Windshield Washer Fluid Summer +20F PremixSDS
Duraflow Windshield Washer Fluid Winter -20F Premix SDS